Transform your potential into achievements

Personalised coaching for personal and professional success, empowering you to unlock your potential and elevate your life's quality.

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Transformative journey just for you.

Are you seeking guidance to navigate life's big moments and decisions that can help you:

Get clarity and find purpose in your personal and professional lives.

Build stronger, more meaningful relationships.

Develop unshakable self-belief and resilience.

Navigating Challenges

Currently are you experiencing:

Overwhelming indecision

Persistent stress that dulls your enjoyment of life

Professional and personal stagnation

A sense of isolation in a hyper-connected world

Self-doubt that hinders your potential

The frustration of unrealized potential

You deserve a life propelled by clear intentions, surrounded by enriching relationships, and a personal success  that echoes your deepest values.

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About Me

I’m Amen, Your guide.

As someone deeply rooted in faith and values, I understand the importance of aligning actions with what truly matters. I've navigated through life's uncertainties, once feeling adrift in the fog of routine and overwhelmed by daunting decisions. Witnessing dreams seem out of reach and relationships stagnate has been part of my journey.

But amidst these challenges, I've discovered resilience and found light at the end of the tunnel. Through dedication, perseverance, investment in coaches and the support of mentors and communities, I've overcome obstacles, achieved alignment with my deepest values and, now live life with utmost clarity.

Now, I've crafted InMotion Blueprint - a support system to empower you, alongside direct guidance from me towards your transformation journey that has a life of purpose, fulfillment and success.
Guided Empowerment

InMotion Blueprint: Igniting Success

Experience self-discovery and transformation with the InMotion Blueprint's unique DIVE n’ WAP system. Crafted meticulously, this program ignites your purpose and passion, guiding you toward a life brimming with success and genuine connections.

Our Approach

How do we solve your problem?

Through tailored coaching, system frameworks, and resources, you are empowered to overcome indecision, isolation, and self-doubt. You learn to transform life’s challenges into stepping stones towards fulfillment.

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01. Connect

Start your journey with our group coaching sessions, designed to align with your goals.

02. Engage

Participate in our dynamic 1 on 1 sessions tailored to your individual needs.

03. Thrive

Implement strategies and celebrate your personal victories

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Genuine Connections

Our promise to you


Unwavering support on your growth journey.


Customized strategies fitting your life’s context.


Progress you can see, feel, and measure.


A commitment to confidentiality and individual respect.

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Life Reimagined

Your new chapter with InMotion Blueprint

Now, picture a sharp turn in your story. With InMotion Blueprint, clarity cuts through the fog. You'll navigate life with a renewed sense of direction, forge deeper, more fulfilling relationships, and achieve professional success with conviction. It's more than just change; it's a life reimagined, with you in the driver's seat.


Experience InMotion

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What you get with InMotion Blueprint

Embarking on the InMotion Blueprint journey, you'll receive not just a program, but a transformative life package. Here's what's included when you commit to your personal evolution:

You get all this, plus the confidence you're living your best life, when you enroll in InMotion Blueprint today!

Module 1: Inner Exploration

Stop feeling lost and disconnected from your true potential. Benefit from personalized guidance to discover your strengths, passions, and values.

Module 2: Visionary Quest

Stop dreaming without direction. Benefit from a structured approach to goal setting.

Module 3: Graceful Transitions

Stop fearing change and setbacks. Benefit from resilience-building strategies.

Module 4: Relational Weave

Stop feeling disconnected from meaningful relationships. Benefit from deeper connections and communication skills.

Module 5: Harmonious Living

Stop feeling overwhelmed by life's challenges. Benefit from balance and mindfulness.

Module 6: Dynamic Momentum

Stop procrastinating and start progressing. Benefit from continuous growth.

Unleash your true potential with personalized coaching that ignites your passion, defines your goals, and transforms your life.

InMotion Program

Group coaching - 6 sessions of 60 minutes
1 on 1 coaching - 3 sessions of 60 minutes
Access to my DIVE ‘n’ WAP technique
Email support between sessions
Access to downloadable resources and tools to support journey
Private online community for ongoing support
Total value: $9,579
Today's price:
3 additional 1 on 1 coaching of 60 minutes
1 on 1 coaching with guest coach - 1 session
Free access to assessment tools
Bonus teaching module - Using AI to propel forward
Additional guidance and accountability between sessions